DHS-OEO THP Reports Due August 14, 2015


Email communication went to all DHS-OEO THP projects from Tom Balsley regarding upcoming report due dates.


Good Afternoon THP Grantees,

This is a reminder that the  Annual THP Reports (covering July 1, 2014 – June 30, 2015) will be due on August 14th, 2015.

Reports should be sent to: barb.alt@state.mn.us    

You should receive an email from Barb confirming receipt of the reports within two business days. If you do not receive an email confirmation, we cannot guarantee that your report was received.If you do not receive a confirmation within two days, please contact Barb at 651-431-3884.



If you have program-specific questions about the THP Report, you should contact Tom Balsley at 651-431-3823 ortom.balsley@state.mn.us.

Technical questions about the HMIS system should continue to go to Wilder Research’ HMIS staff, at 651-280-2780 or hmis@wilder.org.



  1. Do not wait until August 14th to run your THP Reports. Data entry errors and other unforeseen circumstances can take several days or a week to correct. If you wait until the last day to run your report and there are numerous problems, your report submission may be considered late as a result.
  2. Use the HMIS Advanced Reporting Tool (ART) to produce your THP Reports.
  3. Run and export the following FOUR reports in Adobe PDF file format:
  • Demographics and Entry Data THP
  • Exits THP
  • Goals THP
  • THP Income Counts
  1. Verify that the information represented in these reports is accurate, or work with Wilder Research staff to correct any inaccuracies.
  2. IMPORTANT: Do not submit reports with duplicated participants or households. This information can be seen in Questions 5 and 6 of the Demographics report. If your  program has an explanation for duplicated households other than data entry error, please include this explanation when your report is submitted.
  3. Reports should be sent tobarb.alt@state.mn.us   



The data in the reports you submit is the official, legal record of your program’s performance under the current THP contract. According to State law, you must keep either an electronic or paper copy of the THP Report you submit to our office for at least six years (Minn Statute 16B.98 subd. 8). Furthermore, you should also keep the email (or a printout of the email) and confirmation, showing you submitted the report to this office.

Other state officials have begun requesting statewide data from HMIS, including information regarding the performance of certain programs such as Transitional Housing. The data that goes into your OEO THP Reports is the same data that will be used, in part, to assess the effectiveness of Transitional Housing as a whole.


What you enter into HMIS (and how it comes out on reports) does matter.

Thank you for all of your work to ensure quality reporting,


Tom Balsley, LGSW

Office of Economic Opportunity

MN Department of Human Services

651.431.3823 (office)

651.431.7509 (fax)