DHS OEO ESG Sub-Recipients: CAPER Submission Deadline is August 15th

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The annual reporting deadline for sub-recipients of ESG funding from DHS OEO is Thursday, August 15th. Data for this submission comes from the ESG CAPER report in HMIS.

Each sub-recipient should run the ESG CAPER report for the dates 07/01/18 – 06/30/19 and download the .zip file generated by the report. The .zip file should then be uploaded to the Sage HMIS Reporting Repository using the web link sent to the sub-recipient by DHS. For more information about uploading your report to Sage, check out this short reference guide created by HUD: Subrecipient Instructions.

Have a question about data quality issues or running the CAPER report in HMIS? Email the Minnesota HMIS helpdesk at mnhmis@icalliances.org or check out ICA’s user guides for ESG-funded programs: HUD-ESG HMIS User Guide for HP and RRH and HUD-ESG HMIS User Guide for ES and SO. Questions about your ESG grant or your agency setup in Sage should be directed to Katelyn Warburton at 651-431-3854 or katelyn.warburton@state.mn.us.