Data Quality Incentives – Request for Proposals

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The MN HMIS Governing Board has approved $10,000 of the HMIS budget to be used for data quality incentives. The intent of the data quality incentives is to support agencies in implementing creative solutions that will help them build or sustain their capacity for maintaining high-quality data in HMIS. Agencies that are interested in receiving data quality incentive funds should submit a brief proposal outlining:

  • The amount requested 
  • How the funds will be used 
  • How the funds will allow your agency to improve or sustain your data quality in an ongoing capacity 
  • How your agency will measure success and improved data quality
  • If your proposal can be modified or scaled down if your agency is not approved for the full amount requested
  • If your proposal involves collaboration among multiple agencies 

How will proposals be scored?

Proposals will be scored based on: 

  • The extent to which they will lead to ongoing and sustainable data quality improvements 
  • Whether there will be measurable results

Collaborative applications that will benefit multiple agencies may receive additional points 

In addition to the scoring criteria noted above, proposals will be chosen with the goals of increasing the capacity of agencies that struggle with producing quality data and ensuring that the funds will benefit agencies statewide. 

Think small, be creative!

The $10,000 will be split among several agencies, so we encourage you to be creative and think about smaller things that could have a big impact on your agency’s data quality. There is no cap on the amount that can be requested, although we expect most proposals to fall within the $700 – $2,000 range. The minimum amount that can be requested is $500. 

Submission and review process

Proposals should be submitted using this form and must be received by 5pm on Monday, April 1st, 2019. Proposals will be reviewed by members of the HMIS Finance and Implementation Committees and only the first 20 responses will be reviewed, so act quickly! Agencies will be notified of whether their proposal was selected by May 1st.  

Other important logistics

Agencies selected to participate will execute a memorandum of agreement (MOA) with ICA.  Expenses will be covered on a reimbursement basis, unless special arrangements are made with ICA.  Funds must be expended and reimbursed by August 31st2019.  

Please contact Jennifer Prins with any questions: