Data Entry Reminder – DHS OEO HYA: Baseline Outcomes

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Starting on July 1, 2019 all OEO HYA Youth Supportive Housing programs were required to collect and enter Baseline Outcome data for clients. The HMIS assessment is called MN: OEO HYA Baseline Outcomes. As a reminder, this assessment is required for clients entering OEO HYA funded housing programs on or after July 1, 2019. If a client was enrolled in your OEO HYA funded housing program prior to July 1, 2019, you did not need to retroactively create a baseline review.

Detailed data entry instructions can be found in the updated HMIS User Guide: HMIS User Guide for DHS OEO HYA Projects. Please refer to the “Adding Outcomes” section for specifics! There is also a specific Baseline Outcomes data collection form available: Baseline Outcomes Assessment.

Here are the questions that are on the MN: OEO HYA Baseline Outcomes assessment:

  1. Vital Documents
    • Does youth have their Birth Certificate?  Yes/No
    • Does youth have their Social Security Card?   Yes/No
    • Does youth have a State ID or Tribal ID Card?  Yes/No
  2. Employment
    • Was youth employed as of project start date?  Yes/No
  3. Education
    • Does youth have GED or High School Diploma?  Yes/No
  4. Medical
    • Does the youth have identified healthcare (including mental health) providers and/or is connected to a clinic?   Yes/No

The Baseline review that is used to report on these measures should be entered within 14 days of a youth’s Project Start Date. This 14-day period is considered a “grace period” for data entry. The Baseline Outcomes should reflect where the youth is at when they first enter the program. Youth who enter within the last 2 weeks of a reporting period (June 17/December 18 through the end of that month) won’t be required to have a 6 Month Review completed for that reporting period. Instead, those youth would only need a Baseline review completed. All other youth will be expected to have a Baseline and 6 Month Review for the first reporting period, then a 6 Month Review for each following reporting period.

A new version of the HYA Outcomes report will soon be available in ART. This version will reflect the new baseline data that is being collected for all new clients. Because capturing baseline data improves way we can measure outcome progress, we have removed two questions on the MN: OEO HYA Outcomes assessment. The question in the Employment section “If yes, did they obtain employment during the reporting period?” and the question in the Education section “If yes, did they obtain employment during the reporting period?” have been removed.

If you are an OEO HYA funded housing provider and you do not see the MN: OEO HYA Baseline Outcomes assessment when you’re creating a Baseline review, please contact the Helpdesk at Baseline Outcomes are not required for OEO HYA Emergency Shelter projects.