Custom Data Request

In need of custom data?

Are you in need of data regarding homelessness and housing instability in Minnesota? Are you pretty sure that data you want exists in HMIS, but aren’t sure how to find it? Do you have a feature enhancement you would like to see on a report? Or a new report that our community would benefit from?

If so, please complete this Report Request Form.


What happens after I submit this form?

Minnesota HMIS staff will respond to requests within two weeks.  Once we’ve reviewed the request, we will reach out with any needed clarifications.

We don’t charge. However, if it is complex or data we don’t have readily available, it’s a project. Projects take time. It is then subject to our project review process.

Otherwise, we’ll send a write up of the report specifications, as well as a time estimate (based on complexity and workload).  Then, we’ll need you to give us the all clear and partner with us to shape the data or report into what you need.

Please note we cannot meet all custom data requests. Due to limited reporting capacity, we will prioritize requests that benefit multiple stakeholders, such as statewide or CoC-wide datasets. Report and data delivery times will vary depending on priority requests, mandated reporting cycles, and other in progress projects.