Coordinated Entry Test Site Login Information

This email is going to all CoC Coordinators and LSAs with information about accessing the new Coordinated Entry Test Site (CE Test Site) to help with your planning and testing process. If you currently have a Live Site login, you are all setup to access the CE Test Site with the information below.


CE Test Site: Click here
Username: Same as your Live Site login
Password: password99
Contact the Helpdesk if your temporary password has expired and you need a new one.
Need Additional Assistance?
No login? If you are a CoC Coordinator or Local System Administrator (LSA) that does NOT have a Live Site login, you will not have a login to the CE Test Site; contact Teresa Howard ( if you would like access to the CE Test Site.
Others need access to CE Test Site? If you have other HMIS Users that you would like to help you with testing that are not CoC Coordinators or Local System Administrators (LSAs), contact Dol Hassan ( with name, email and agency to setup those individuals on the CE Test Site. They should be current HMIS Users with a current Live Site login.

Change backend setup? Changes can be made to your CE Test Site setup, contact Jill Shoemaker ( or Elizabeth Graham ( for assistance.

General question? General questions on how to navigate or use the CE Test Site can be directed to Jill Shoemaker ( or Elizabeth Graham (

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