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Minnesota’s HMIS Helpdesk is operated by your State System Administrator. Contact us using the Helpdesk Contact Form or e-mail We route your Helpdesk request to the appropriate team member and will respond within 1 business day. Our system, through emails and forms, allows us to efficiently prioritize your requests and give us the ability to organize and prepare the actions needed to serve you best.

State System Administrator and Lead Agency

Institute of Community Alliances

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CoC Coordinators and Local System Administrators (LSAs)

CoC Coordinators and LSAs are located around Minnesota.  For contact information view the CoC Regions page.

HMIS Governance

To contact the HMIS Governance Board or a committee/workgroup, please view the HMIS Governance page.


To contact the state funders, please view the Forms and Instructions site. The contact is listed with each form.

Feedback or Grievances

To give feedback or a formal grievance, please use this form.