Coming Soon to ServicePoint! New ESG CAPER

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Here is what we know:

  • Bowman has released a beta version of the new ESG CAPER and is seeking your feedback! Try it out and send an email to with feedback that we’ll pass directly onto Bowman.
  • This new report will be much longer than the current ESG CAPER as it reports on all the required data elements for HUD-ESG projects.
  • Bowman has not given us a release date for the final version of the ESG CAPER.
  • This new report is significantly different than the current ESG CAPER report and will take some time to get used to, you may notice a lot of data is missing when you first run the report as you haven’t been asked to report on a lot of the data you’ve inputted into the system. It mirrors the APR (Annual Progress Report for HUD).
  • As data quality is “built-in” (you can click on a number to see the client IDs represented), Bowman will not be creating a separate Data Quality report to correspond with the new ESG CAPER.
  • ESG CAPER submission will use the newly developed ESG eCART. “ESG recipients will obtain data from all ESG subrecipients through a special CSV export; this will be used to populate the eCart tool for submission to HUD. The information in eCart replaces all data previously collected on screen CR-65. eCart is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that is configured to load report level, aggregate information from an HMIS and produce all statistical information required by HUD on clients served in projects funded under ESG. eCart does not require identifiable, client-level data. Recipients will no longer need to manually enter data onto screen CR-65. Instead, recipients will simply attach the eCart to their CAPER submission to fulfill the new requirement.” (HUD Exchange).
  • If your report year ends on or after October 1, 2015, you are expected to use the new ESG CAPER, although we are unsure when e-cart will be available to accept the upload (nor when the final version will be ready for the ESG CAPER). HUD has not given us much guidance on this issue.