CES Monitoring Report – Beta Release!

We are excited to announce the beta release of the CES Monitoring Report! The release of this report marks another step forward in the HMIS implementation of coordinated entry. We are proud to translate the two HMIS workflows across the state into one common report for all regions (that’s 12 priority lists!).

The CES Monitoring Report summarizes coordinated entry HMIS data to help CoCs identify gaps in the process and inform resource planning. This is the first report intended to help CES stakeholders understand the state of coordinated entry in their regions.

Since the report is designed to run by CoC Code, the report should be run by Minnesota ServicePoint users with System Administrator II level ART access. This ensures that there are no data visibility issues.

We will release more report details on our website in the next month.

We will also present a session introducing this report at the MCH Conference next week. We would love to see you there!