Bookmark This! Changing Other Users’ HMIS Data

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Getting errors that you cannot fix on your Quarterly Data Quality Report? Are these errors coming from a data element that needs an update from someone that touched this person’s record previously? Not sure how to fix it?

Well folks, we’ve seen it all and have a resource for that. So Bookmark This!

This article on Changing other users’ data, located in the Knowledge Base, will provide some answers to data that you can and cannot change in a client record that you or your agency did not enter. It also has an attached resource to walk you through how to update sub-assessment data. We do know that HMIS users are finding other data that is impacting their scores. The Helpdesk is working to improve the ways that this is corrected. If you are unsure of whether you can update an element or need assistance getting other users’ data corrected, please contact us at