New User Online Training

New User Training will teach you how to enter client data and generate reports for your agency. This training is required for any individual wanting to use Minnesota’s HMIS, ServicePoint. By successfully completing New User Training, you will become a licensed HMIS User.

You are about to undertake the online version of New User Training, which typically takes between 5 and 7 hours to complete. There is no fee to participate in this training.

Is this training for me?

All individuals who are new to ServicePoint and will be performing data entry and/or pulling reports for their agency are required to complete New User Training. Those individuals who fall into any of the following categories are not required to fulfill the same requirements as a new user, but will have to meet certain training expectations before being granted access to HMIS:

  • Local System Administrators (LSA), CoC Coordinators, or Funder Reporting Leads
  • New members of the Hennepin Shelter Team (HST)
  • Anyone who has accessed Minnesota’s HMIS in the last 365 days as a licensed user

Contact the Minnesota HMIS helpdesk at if you fall into one of these categories so that a trainer can connect with you about your training requirements.

Can I do training in person instead?

We do not plan to offer any in-person training at this time.

My agency is not currently using HMIS, what should I do?

If your agency is brand new to Minnesota’s HMIS or is returning to HMIS after a period of absence, your agency administrators need to complete paperwork to get your agency setup in ServicePoint to enter data. Contact This paperwork can take some time to complete and should be completed prior to your registration to New User Online Training.


Ready? Start New User Online Training below!

Questions? Contact a trainer by emailing

Step 1: Pre-Registration

1.1. Review the To-Do List and the User Training Requirements section of the Minnesota HMIS Policies document. 10 minutes

To-Do List (Thumbnail)

The To-Do List will guide you through the training process with numbered steps that match the steps listed on the website. Print a copy of the To-Do List to check off completed steps as you go!


1.2. Watch HMIS Fundamentals (Foundations 111). 52 minutes

Use the “expand” button in the lower right of the video to view full screen. Click here for the PowerPoint slides.


Step 2: Registration

2.1. Complete the New User Training Registration Form online with your supervisor or agency administrator to confirm that you are providing the most up-to-date information. Shortly after submitting the form, you should receive an automated email confirming your registration. (Please note that ICA requires use of this online registration form for internal tracking purposes. Mailed or scanned copies of the registration form will not be accepted.) <30 minutes


2.2. A trainer will email you a username and password to the ServicePoint Training Site within 2 business days. You can continue to Step 3.1 and watch the training videos while you wait!


Step 3: Core Videos & Data Entry Practice

3.1. Watch ClientPoint Module—Entry/Exit (Data Entry 121). 126 minutes

Use the “expand” button in the lower right of the video to view it in full screen mode. Click here for the PowerPoint slides.

10/18/2016 Update: There is a “NEW” process for adding the Release of Information. It is important for you to review and understand these instructions and ignore any instruction you receive in the video trainings regarding documenting a consented ROI in the ROI tab in HMIS. New Process for Adding an ROI Instructions

3.2. Read Minnesota’s HMIS Data Standards Guide to review the state’s universal and common program-specific data elements, then share it with data collection staff at your agency. 30 minutes

3.3. Complete the Data Entry Exercise using the ServicePoint Training Site. <1 hour

Important Note: You will need login information for the ServicePoint Training Site to complete this exercise. This information will be sent by ICA via email within 2 business days of registration (Step 2.1).

Data Entry Exercise (Thumbnail)


3.4. Check your own work using the Data Entry Exercise – Answer Video and make corrections where necessary. Use the Answer Video Reference Sheet to find specific times in the video to review your exercise. (Write down your client ID # as you’ll need it for Steps 4.3 and 5.1) <30 minutes


3.5. Watch ServicePoint and Advanced Reporting Tool (ART) Reports (Reports 161). 18 minutes

Use the “expand” button in the lower right of the video to view it in full screen mode. Click here for the PowerPoint slides.


3.6 Download the reference document How to Schedule an ART Report.

How to Schedule an ART Report (Thumbnail)


Step 4: Watch Funder/Program Specific Videos

4.1. Determine which funder/program-specific videos you are required to watch. Refer to the email that you received upon submitting the online registration form if you need a reminder (question 4d) <5 minutes


4.2. Watch all funder/program specific videos that apply to your data entry or reporting needs. Time varies

Please note, the funder/program specific videos have not been updated to reflect the 2017 Data Standards Changes. 

PowerPoint files are available when you click on a video link.

4.3. If you will be using ShelterPoint, watch the ShelterPoint video that applies to your data entry or reporting needs. Time varies

PDF files with workflow steps are available when you click on a video link.

General ShelterPoint Training:

Hennepin Adult Shelter Connect Project:


Step 5: Training Completion

5.1. Sign up for the MN HMIS Newsletter at

The newsletter is our main vehicle for communicating with stakeholders. We send out a newsletter to keep you informed on any new resources, system updates, or changes that impact Minnesota’s HMIS. We expect you to read the email when it arrives in your inbox every other week as it contains important information regarding your data entry and reporting.


5.2. Complete the New User Training Completion Form. This form includes the HMIS User Policy, Responsibility Statement & Code of Ethics. 30 minutes


5.3. You are almost done with New User Training! Once an HMIS trainer has reviewed your Data Entry Exercise and you have made any final corrections, you will receive your login to Minnesota’s HMIS within 2 business days.