ART Time Zone Change

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Related to the move of ART’s servers, Wellsky has changed the time zone in which the Last Warehouse Build appears.

The Last Warehouse Build, until further notice, will appear in Mountain Standard Time. This change does not affect how time appears otherwise in the ART module or in reports.

To understand when the last build took place, convert the time:

  • During Daylight Savings Time, add 2 hours.
  • Outside Daylight Savings Time, add 1 hour.

For example, here is a recent build time as reported in the Last Warehouse Build updater:

Last Warehouse Build: March 12, 2020 10:11:50 AM

This build took place at 12:11:50 PM Central time.

We expect Minnesota’s builds to take place at their regular times (one very early morning and one around noon), but to appear as though they are taking place earlier due to the time zone change.