Turning Data into Insight: How to learn about new reports

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Did you know that you can use the REPORTcollection to find out when new reports are added to ART, or when your go-to reports have been updated?  With just a few clicks, you can see the newest updates first. Here are the steps:

  • Open REPORTcollection. Its default view is not sorted.
  • Find the toolbar at the top, and click the Sort button.
  • A small options window will appear. Click “Pick a field to sort by.”
  • Pick “Last Version Date” from the list of fields.
  • The options window will stay open and the list of reports will sort automatically to the oldest at the top. If you’d like to see the newest at the top (which we recommend), you can flip it by picking the “9-1” option.
  • Then click anywhere to close the options window, and you’ll see the list of ART reports sorted so that the newest reports and reports with new updates are on top.

REPORTcollection is the primary source of information on ART reports. If you have questions about how to use it to get the report info you need, please contact the Helpdesk.