2017 HUD HMIS Data Standards

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On October 1, 2017, HUD is rolling out (as they do every October) changes to the data elements they require all projects participating in HMIS to collect. This provides standardization for data collection around the country, allowing for a better understanding of homelessness around our country. Homelessness can then be analyzed at a national level, and compared to homelessness at a regional or local level. As system administrators, it is our responsibility to make sure you understand the changes. You will be able to learn about these changes in an upcoming “HUD HMIS Data Standards Changes 2017” webinar training, which will be recorded and available on our website.

General Changes

  • New numbering system
  • Picklist differences throughout
  • Changes in Data Collections Stages
  • Minor wording changes
  • Removed references to “Unaccompanied Youth” as term no longer in use

Universal Data Elements

  • 3.6 Gender – wording changes to picklist values
  • 3.8 Disabling Condition – clarification
  • 3.10 Project Start – this replaces Project Entry
  • 3.12 Destination – changes to drop down values
  • 3.15 Relationship to Head of Household – clarification
  • 3.917 A & B Living Situation – changes to dropdown values
  • 3.20 Housing Move in Date – New Element

Project Specific

  • 4.1 Housing Status – Retired
  • 4.3 Non-Cash Benefits – Retired “Section 8, Public Housing, or Rental Assistance” and “Temporary Rental Assistance” subsidies
  • 4.5-4.10 Disability Types – Retired “Documentation of disability and severity” and “Currently receiving services”
  • Retired all PATH specific questions related to Mental Health and Substance Abuse
  • 4.12 Contact – Location field retired; New field regarding whether client is on streets, in ES or SH added
  • 4.17 Residential Move in Date – Retired (now a UDE and renamed)

Program Specific

  • HOPWA – All fields now numbered W1-W5
  • PATH – All fields now renumbers P1-4
  • VA – Numbering of VA elements now VA1-9
  • RHY – New Numbering RHY1-20

For more details about the 2017 HUD HMIS Data Standards changes, please visit the HUD website: