2017 HUD HMIS Data Standards Changes, Including Site Down Time

HMIS Will Be Temporarily Down
Please note that HMIS will be down at 2am on Saturday, September 30th to upgrade ServicePoint with the data standards changes. We anticipate the upgrade to take 3 hours.

What’s Changing?
HUD HMIS Data Standards changes go into effect on Sunday, October 1. Again, to prepare for these changes you are strongly encouraged to do the following:

Document your questions and ask them at a live webinar (registration information below)!

For quick reference, here are a few changes that will have the most impact:

  • Street Outreach Projects: Please note, you will need to collect a NEW data element for the Outreach Contacts sub-assessment: “Staying on Street, ES, or SH” has been added. The “Location” question will be removed from the sub-assessment.
  • All Permanent Housing Projects: “Housing Move in Date” has been added to the system to replace the 4.17 Residential Move In date element and is now used for all PH projects including RRH. Collect this data element starting on 10/1/2017. You will not have to complete this data element for clients that entered prior to 9/30/2017. Data entered prior to 9/30/2017 using the renamed data element will be mapped over to the newly named data element. Here is how the data will be mapped over for the different PH projects:
    • If Project Type = “PH – Permanent Supportive Housing (disability required for entry)”, “PH – Housing Only”, or “PH – Housing with Services (no disability required for entry),” then Housing Move in Date = Project Start Date when mapped over
    • If Project Type = “PH – Rapid Re-Housing,” then Housing Move in Date = Residential Move in Date when mapped over
  • Impact to RHY Projects: There will be a lot of changes to the RHY (Runaway Homeless Youth) assessments; if you are able, please refrain from doing RHY data entry this weekend.

Webinar Registration: 2017 HUD HMIS Data Standards Changes Q&A
In addition to the recorded video, we will be hosting two live webinar sessions to go over these changes. The bulk of the webinar will be dedicated to giving HMIS users a chance to ask questions about the changes. To prepare for the webinar, please watch the 2017 HUD HMIS Data Standards Changes video prior to attending the webinar.

Friday, Sep 29, 2017 12:30 PM – 1:30 PM CDT

Tuesday, Oct 3, 2017 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM CDT

New Data Collection Forms?
ICA is currently updating data collection forms to reflect these changes. They will be ready for you on 10/1/2017 and available https://hmismn.org/forms-and-instructions/ organized by program. Discard unused print-outs of the previous data collection forms.