News from the HUD Exchange: HUD Conducting Survey of All RRH Programs

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From the HUD Exchange: “In April and May, HUD will be conducting a web-based survey of all rapid re-housing (RRH) programs as part of a national study to explore and document how RRH programs currently serve and interact with homeless households. RRH programs across the country, including Continuum of Care (CoC) program- and Emergency Solutions  … Read more

System Change for HYA and HTHP Outcomes Assessments

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On May 1, 2018, ICA made a change in HMIS that now requires an answer to every question in the MN: OEO HYA Outcomes and MN: DHS HTHP Outcomes assessments when completing the Interim Review for a client. “Yes” indicates the client accomplished the outcome. “No” means they are either not focused on that outcome  … Read more

May 2nd Meeting on MN Data Element Changes

Thank you to everyone that completed the recent HMIS survey! One of the topics you weighed in on was the data elements that we as a state choose to collect. We’ve summarized your suggestions here, which will be discussed at a joint meeting of the Policy & Prioritization and Implementation Committees of the Board. The  … Read more

RHY Grantee Submissions COMING SOON


The RHYPoint Import Portal ( will be open for grantee submissions from May 7 until May 25, 2018. As a reminder you will be uploading your RHY Grant Data using the RHYMIS Export. For more details on Data Quality Reports and the RHYMIS Export, please see the new and improved user guide on our website  … Read more

New “What is HMIS?” flyer now available

There is a new version of the “What is HMIS?” flyer available on the MN HMIS website.  This one-page summary is a good overview for new staff and for persons receiving services.  You can view the flyer here.

System News Will Alert Users to ART Refresh Failures


Our team is actively monitoring ART refresh/build failures and will now be posting that information in System News in HMIS by 9am (if overnight refresh failed) and by 2:30pm (if mid-day refresh failed) to alert our HMIS users upon login to the system. System News will be added to report ART refresh failures Monday through  … Read more

2018 HMIS Policy Document, Webinar Slides, and Recording


In January, the HMIS Governing Board voted to approve new HMIS policies. On April 18th, ICA published the new policy document during a webinar training.  The webinar highlighted the key changes to HMIS policies, with a focus on the rationale behind each change and next steps involved. These policies are now in effect, so we  … Read more