New APR Visualization Tool

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On April 1st, HUD transitioned to a new version of the Annual Performance Report for projects funded through the CoC Program. Providers now submit their APRs to HUD through Sage. If you have downloaded this report, you know that it looks a bit different than the PDF or Excel file you used to manually enter  … Read more

DHS OEO ESP Workflow Change Happening July 1st!

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DHS OEO ESP’s HMIS workflow will be changing on July 1st. The workflow is changing from a Service Transaction workflow to an Entry/Exit workflow. It will be the same workflow as the current HUD ESG workflow. We have created an FAQ and have included links to the workflow video. If you have more questions please  … Read more

PIT Dashboard is Live

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PIT Dashboard Report is now live ( The dashboard is a great resource to take a quick glance at your CoC’s point-in-time data!

State of the HMIS: A Letter from the Director

Dear HMIS Users and Stakeholders,   Thursday, June 1, marked the one year anniversary of ICA’s tenure in Minnesota. In light of this milestone, I thought it appropriate to take a few minutes to reflect on what we’ve accomplished together and the work ahead of us in the next year.   On May 4th, 2016,  … Read more

Point-in-Time Data Dashboard by CoC

The Point-in-Time (PIT) count is a count of sheltered and unsheltered homeless persons on a single night in January. HUD requires that Continuums of Care conduct an annual count of homeless persons who are sheltered in emergency shelter, transitional housing, and Safe Havens on a single night. Continuums of Care also must conduct a count  … Read more

PATH Updated Instructions – Now Posted!


As PATH users are by now aware, we had to make an adjustment to the workflow after the new PATH report was released in April and sent out a document detailing that change. We have now posted updated instructions to our website with the purpose of reflecting that change. We are in the process of  … Read more

Can I Share HMIS Data Outside of HMIS?


A consented HMIS ROI releases an individual’s data to be viewed in HMIS by authorized users with a legitimate business purpose. A separate release is absolutely necessary for information in HMIS to be shared outside of HMIS; consult your agency’s legal team to determine if you have the appropriate paperwork in place. For your reference,  … Read more

FHPAP: Breaking Down the Twins on July 1


While the FHPAP program is designed for the flexible use of funds, there are two distinct types of activities that need to be measured. The current provider set up for FHPAP funding conflates prevention and homeless assistance dollars. Not only does this make it difficult to track outcomes, this is also a compliance concern: HUD  … Read more

Upcoming State Data Element Changes – Effective July 1


As announced in the April 27 MN HMIS Newsletter, there will be one change to the MN Universal Data Elements, which will go into effect on July 1, 2017. Leave any of these? The question will remain a MN Universal Data Element, but it will be reduced to a single question focused on the last  … Read more