Guess how many Data Quality reports we sent in 2015!


Part of our role as your State System Administrator is to administer the data quality process for the state of Minnesota. Dol Hassan, a member of our HMIS State System Administrator team, manages our data quality process and runs all the reports that get sent to your CoC coordinator. That prompts your CoC coordinator to  … Read more

Analyzing the ESG CAPER (2015 BETA) for HUD-ESG-DHS OEO

Who should read this post? As stated in an October 23 post, Bowman released the new ESG CAPER in beta mode in late October. For most HUD-ESG projects, you do not have to worry about the ESG CAPER until 2016. That will allow us time to thoroughly analyze the new ESG CAPER and prepare detailed  … Read more

Reminder: Upload your RHY Data before December 8


The deadline for final submission of your RHY data to the RHYPoint portal is December 8. Please submit your data as soon as possible for review in order to identify potential data quality issues early. The morning following your data submission, you will be emailed a RHY Data Quality Report Card report that details whether  … Read more

A Warm Welcome to Grace Lee

Grace Lee joined the State System Administrator team as our new HMIS Technical Manager. In this role, Grace will manage technical functions involved with the statewide system administration. She will also ensure that technical service delivery is aligned with the overall technical vision, regulatory and contract requirements, and client needs for HMIS. Grace comes to  … Read more

Drum Roll, Please…Teresa Howard Has Been Promoted!

Please join us in congratulating Teresa Howard on her promotion to the newly defined position of HMIS Services Manager! Teresa has worked both hard and smart for the HMIS community. In her new role, Teresa is now officially responsible for managing substantial portions of the HMIS project. Within HMIS Teresa is the liaison between the  … Read more

RHY Reports are available to prepare for your submission period

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Data Checking Reports Two reports are now available in the RHY folder in ART: 0261 – RHY Entry Exit Assessment Data Completeness Report – v1 RHY Services Data Check Both reports are located in ART>Public Folder >SSA Report Gallery>RHY. Run both of these reports with the start/end dates of 10/01/2014-10/01/2015 and effective date of 10/01/2015.  … Read more

HUD-ESG Information for Grantees


Release of ESG CAPER Materials: eCart Tool, Guidebook, and Webinar Information The ESG-CAPER Annual Reporting Tool (eCart) is now posted on the HUD Exchange along with the Emergency Solutions Grant CAPER Reporting and eCart Guide, which is located on the first tab of eCart. Starting with their 2015 Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation (CAPER) submissions  … Read more

HUD Announcement for E-snaps Compatibility with the New APR

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*Update* We are providing an update to previous communication that went out on October 23: “All APRs (Annual Progress Reports) due on or after November 1 will be expected to use this new reports.”  Although the new APR will be ready for use in ServicePoint, HUD announced a delay in the ability for e-snaps to accept the new APR  … Read more