Welcome to the New HMIS Website!

We are thrilled to roll out the new and improved HMIS website! View this short demo video to better understand where to find your HMIS resources on this site. We hope you can find everything you need, but be sure to let us know how this website could serve you better. Happy Browsing!

Federal Data Standards Changes Effective October 1, 2015

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Twice a year changes (big and small) occur to data standards that impact data collection and data entry. For Minnesota, these changes are effective July 1. For HUD (Federal), these changes are effective October 1. We have updated your Data Collection Forms to accommodate these changes effective today. Be sure to print new forms and discard  … Read more

2015 HMIS User Award Winners for Exemplary Data Quality!

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MH Housing-LTH: Julie Shannon, Project for Pride in Living DHS-OEO THP: The Rochester Salvation Army DHS-OEO HYA: LSS Metro Homeless Youth Program DHS-HTHP: Mandy Arden, Red Wing Youth Outreach HUD-ESG-DHS OEO: Julie Caraway-Jensen, Partners for Affordable Housing DHS-OEO ESP: Parents in Community Action MN Housing-FHPAP: Gail Beckman, Kootaska CoC-Wide Data Quality: Southwest CoC Thank you  … Read more

“Please Leave a Voicemail at the Beep.”


In addition to piloting the new form highlighted in our last communication (thanks to those already using it!), all calls to the Helpdesk will go directly to voicemail for the month of October for a pilot period. We hope this will help us to appropriately triage and prioritize calls so the right person with the  … Read more

Trouble Accessing e-snaps?

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 Although we do not provide technical support for e-snaps, we are aware of issues related to browser compatibility. We have heard that progress is being made to correct these issues, but we are providing a workaround for each browser. These instructions are available with access to ServicePoint under System News. (If you do not have access  … Read more

HUD-CoC Projects – It’s NOFA Time!

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READ THIS IMPORTANT UPDATE SINCE THIS NEWS ITEM WAS POSTED. Additional instructions will follow on how to use HMIS to complete your application (you will only use HMIS to complete Q5 and Q6). Q5: Bowman is working on a report which will be released shortly (fingers crossed!) to help you answer the questions about households and  … Read more

CallPoint Overview

Want to know how CallPoint could support your Coordinated Entry work? Find out it’s functions and benefits through the CallPoint webinar.

Mozilla Firefox is our Recommended Browser

As browsers change configurations and compatibility with Java (and all that other techy stuff), these changes interfere with use of the ServicePoint website. Currently, the best browser to use for ServicePoint is Mozilla Firefox.

Looking for your ART Reports? Open the SSA Report Gallery (Secure) Folder!


We are moving all your favorite ART reports under a new folder “SSA Report Gallery (Secure).” All the reports located in this folder are designed and maintained by your State System Administrator, Wilder Research. As other people (like your CoC Coordinator or Local System Administrator) may be writing new reports, we wanted to give them  … Read more

DHS-HTHP and DHS-OEO HYA Outcomes Assessment

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The Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS) and the Office of Economic Opportunity (OEO) have approved a handful of changes to the Outcomes Assessment effective October 1, 2015. The primary changes are: the removal of data elements, revision of some instructions, and new backdating instructions when completing the Outcomes Assessment. No retroactive data correction is  … Read more