HMIS Governing Board Application for Voting Membership

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Hello HMIS Users and Interested Stakeholders,

The purpose of the HMIS Governing Board is to enhance Minnesota’s ability to end homelessness by helping to ensure that Minnesota’s HMIS is functioning at its highest potential; helping to inform and improve client services, community planning, program and system evaluation, and funding decisions. Learn more about the HMIS Governing Board here.

As a part of its transition to a permanent structure, the current HMIS Governing body invites you to apply for two available seats on the new HMIS Governing Board: End-User/Agency Voting Member (any individual who is familiar with, and a user of, HMIS) and At-large Voting Member (any individual who is, or could be, a stakeholder in HMIS activities).  Applications are due by February 22.

Interested applicants will be expected to be active participants who are familiar with the HMIS system and interested in participating in decision-making, direction-setting and prioritization of work to be done in the system. Information will be reviewed by the Minnesota Continuums of Care Coordinators and the current HMIS Governing body.

To apply, please see the following link:

Thank you for your consideration,
HMIS Interim Governing Board